Contacting me
Don't mail me if...
        - You have a bug, but you haven't read the FAQ
        - You have a bug, but you haven't tried the latest Kawaks
        - You have a bug, but you haven't read whatsnew.txt
        - You want to request roms
        - You want to request support for a certain game
        - You want to send unrequested files
        - You want to bug me about game X not loading anymore
        - You want to bug me with your petty roms problems. Just find good roms
Now, when mailing me...
     If you have a bug make sure to mention the following information:

        - Your CPU type (brand, and frequency)
        - Your gfx card type (precise model)
        - Your amount of RAM
        - Your operating system (Win95,98,98SE,2000,NT...)
        - Your controller model, if it is a controller issue.
        - If the bug is a graphic issue, please include a screenshot 
          of the problem. The screenshot should be GIF or PNG format. 
          (BMP is too big, JPG destroys useful details in the image)
You read all this, and you still want to mail me ? Good... :)
Feedback goes to
No time for mails anymore.
Only mail me if you have IMPORTANT stuff to tell me